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Loans are available for all good purposes. Interest rates are very competitive and may vary according to the purpose of the loan and collateral offered.

All credit union loans are calculated as simple interest, with finance charges based on the actual time the borrowed funds are used. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of a loan.

We offer a variety of types of loans, including:

Ask us about loan protection and credit disability insurance. Both are available at a minimal cost.

New & Used Car Loans

Whether you want a new or used vehicle, you may finance it through your credit union. Preview our excellent rates, complete an application today, and drive in your new car tomorrow.

Boat Loans

Get ready to sail away. If you have been looking to get that special boat for your weekend getaways, We can help! Whether new or used, your Credit Union can finance your dreams at an excellent rate. Complete an application today to get started.

Motorcycle Loans

Getting ready for a road trip? Your credit union can help you by financing your motorcycle purchase at a great rate. Get pre-approved today by completing an appication - it is your first step to owning your own dream machine.

Personal Loans

Looking to consolidate your debts or simply need an unsecured loan? The Credit Union has a variety of terms and rates to suit your needs. Ask us for more information or  apply today.

Share Secured Loans

Borrow from yourself and save!

Use your regular share account as collateral and borrow up to the amount in your account. You will continue to earn dividends on your savings as you pay down your loan.

It's easy - no credit report or income verification required.

Call or visit us for more information.


All loan requests are responded to promptly and in the strictest of confidence.